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Greetings from the Editor of the Pilgrim Nazarene Newsletter. This Conference year is off to a great start, and exciting things are taking place! We want to hear what the Lord is helping to accomplish with your labors in the vineyard. The newsletter can be viewed by downloading the PDF file in the right sidebar. This is to be a monthly Newsletter, so each church needs to assign a reporter and let us hear from you! Please send News information to Thank you!- Larry Pettit

Mt. Pleasant PNC – David Taylor, pastor

This summer, the outside of the Mt. Pleasant PNC underwent a transformation, which included a steeple, windows, and siding. Bro. and Sis. Ross, Myron and Betty Brown, Bro. Scott Turner, Jeff Dodd, Cyril McKay, and Elliott McKay, all traveled to Mt. Pleasant to help with various aspects of the window and siding projects. Bro. and Sis. David Taylor continue to be such a blessing with their pastoral care, encouragement, and leadership.

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