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It is around 2am UTC (Eastern European time zone), January 21st, and I'm sitting in seat 88C on Airbus 380 somewhere over northern Finland. I keep telling myself that I need to sleep in order to combat the jetlag that will catch up with me in just a few hours, but there is just too much on my mind. Only a few hours ago, we left the amazing city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I will tell you more of that in a moment, but first let me give you a snapshot of what has happened over the last few days. It had been a grueling 13 days of traveling to India, preaching, praying and working with the dear people there. This was my forth trip to India and I'm never fully prepared for all the ministry challenges that face our mission partners every day. Our time with the lepers, the orphans and each congregation that we visited, was wonderful and a blessing to me. There will be more about this on the missions page and other's reports, but it was a very profitable trip and God helped us to minister to so many while we were there.
Rev. Stephen Snodgrass
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