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Harvest Home Sunday

harvest home

This Sunday is Harvest Home Sunday! PNC congregations across the country will be taking offerings to help build up the "home base." There are many exciting projects in Louisiana, Idaho, Texas and other places. If you would like to join in and promote the work of the Pilgrim Nazarene Church here at home, you may contact the chairman of the Expansion and Evangelism Committee, David Taylor @ 903.815.2765 or We do need finances, but we also need skilled tradesmen and ministry workers with a vision and a little extra time. God is doing great things and we are blessed to be a part of it! May God bless you and yours during this time of Thanksgiving! - SRS

Missionary to Papua New Guinea


DVD of Camp 2013 Available

Share camp with those who could not attend!

DVDs of the Pilgrim Nazarene Camp 2013 can be purchased. $5.00 a service, plus $2.00 shipping. Buy the whole set (14 DVDs) for $60.00 plus $10.00 shipping and handling. Contact Jerry Esparza to place your order:

dvd 2013