PNC Camp 2012- Devotional-Friday- Video

Date 2012-08-03

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August 3rd 2012
Rev. David Taylor
“Nothing But the Blood of Christ”

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PNC Camp 2012- God Loves You- Video

Date 2012-07-29

July 29th .2012pm
David Taylor

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PNC Camp July 29th, 2012pm- Audio Entire Service

Date 2012-07-29

Congregational Singing
Amazing Grace-Kathy Shields
God Loves You- David Taylor
Rev. Mark Dodrill
Your Prayers Have Been Heard

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The Hospital Ministry- Audio

Date 2011-03-11

Rev. David Taylor
March 11th, 2011, Friday
Preacher’s Meeting 2011

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PNC Camp 2010- Sunday Morning- Video

Date 2010-08-01

Aug. 1st, 2010 Sunday Morning
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Singing, Special and Preaching
Rev. David Taylor filled in for this morning service.

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